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938Now Biz Bites Interview With Alpha7 CEO Lynette


If one is looking for insights and information about startups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), reach out to our CEO and founder, Lynette. Being an Australian Chartered accountant with over 30 years of MNC experience including Price Waterhouse, JDEdwards, and, she started her own business: Alpha7 in 2014 to help SMEs get on board the digital train. Lynette has a wealth of experience and seen the way business has transformed.

Snippets of this exciting journey was exactly what was shared on the 938Now Radio Station! Our CEO and founder Lynette sat down with Paul Sng for his Biz Bites programme and had a very interesting discussion.

The topics covered included how digital is taking over and its multi-dimensional impact on businesses, as well as Lynette’s own experience in coming from an MNC background to setting up Alpha7 to help SMEs. Here are some quick highlights about what was discussed below.

Going Digital for SMEs

During her MNC days, Lynette witnessed and experienced how technology was disrupting the business landscape and changing the way business was conducted. However, she also realised that smaller companies lagged behind in digital adoption. Furthermore, the challenge which SMEs face when going digital is usually a cultural one where people are unwilling to change and do things differently from the traditional ways. Despite the challenges, Lynette noted that SMEs can benefit from going digital with less resources needed and less wastage generated.

How SMEs can embrace transformation

Lynette advised that going digital for SMEs need not be overwhelming. The most important step which SMEs should take will be to take stock of what they have. Once SMEs know what resources they have to work with, be it the people, technology and skills available in their business, they will then know what they have to work with. Decisions can then be made to take as to which areas need to be improved or what skills need to be learnt.

Lynette aims to help businesses balance between their people, processes and technology with their priorities, constraints and budgets. With this, SMEs can manage their business in an integrated and connected platform to improve their business.

Lynette has lots more to share about the exciting business landscape in the digital age, so check out the podcast "Digitization of SMEs has forced many to start taking action. For those SMEs who haven't, what should they do to know how and where they should plug in? Lynette Seah, Founder and CEO of Alpha 7 - Digital Cloud Advisor shares." to gain more insights!

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