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How Technology helps SMBs adapt to the ‘New World of Work’


Work as we understand it today is undergoing change, according to Microsoft’s New World of Work SMB Study. Conventional notions of work paint a picture of the office environment where employees are desk-bound, with tasks beginning and ending at the office. However, the ways in which we work has evolved to a stage where it is characterised by "increasing globalisation, technology proliferation and a connected workforce".

Why should SMEs and SMBs care?

While the New World of Work is interesting in its own right, one might ask why it matters to businesses, especially small and medium enterprises. The answer lies in the advantages that such new ways of working confer. The ‘New World of Work’, as thought-leaders have coined, improves employee collaboration, productivity and even innovation. It seems that the magic happens when progressive companies enable employees to work anywhere and anytime.

One has to remember that without the economies of scale and resource pools of their larger brethren e.g. the MNCs, a focus on productivity and innovation is the only way that small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) or small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can punch above their weight.

However, getting SMBs/SMEs to fully adapt to and embrace the New World of Work is certainly no walk in the park. Many SMBs/SMEs are held back from flourishing in a mobile and cloud-driven world for a variety of reasons, including a lack of formal work policies that support remote working as well as limited mobile productivity, as mentioned in a report by Enterprise Innovation. While the incorporation of work policies is a matter of work cultures, having limited mobile productivity is a resource issue likely linked to a dearth of investment and is thus easier to resolve.

Embracing the New World of Work with Technology

Proper investment in suitable mobile, cloud and digital technology can do much in terms of helping SMBs/SMEs adapt to the New World of Work, and to reap the many advantages that come along with it. According to the New World of Work SMB Study, three important benefits are derived from working in a mobile and cloud-driven environment - "to be able to work productively from anywhere; to share ideas, documents and information with colleagues and stakeholders instantly; and to be more responsive to customers".

For example, cloud-based business application software which are designed to streamline enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) are mobile-friendly, allowing key operations and marketing executives of SMBs/SMEs to be connected and work both in office and ‘off-site’.

The result of incorporating the New World of Work will be an overall improvement in productivity and better origination of ideas as employees can collaborate and contribute from various locations without being confined to the office.

Indeed, with their inherent lack of scale and deep resource pools compared to larger firms and MNCs, SMBs/SMEs might find the New World of Work (which would allow its human capital ‘to work on the right things at the right time’) increasingly difficult to ignore.

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